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All of these were sent to us by C. Thanks a bunch! C's comments are in parenthesis. Most of them are about JC and Lance being a couple :P

"..'cause, you know, you've gotta take your spankings -" -JC (right and I’m
Tina Turner)

"It's hard not to like Lance." -JC (what are you talking about it’s easy to
hate Lance)

Q: If you could be any other member of the group, who would you be?
JC: I'd be Lance, so I could party my tail off all night. I'm always early
to bed, so I'd be him because he's out late all the time.
Lance: I'd be JC 'cause I'd get to sleep - or, ahem - stay in the studio
working all night long. (how cute, they're bickering!)

"I definitely hope to find somebody who genuinely loves me and someone who I
can feel that kind of love for. -JC (note: gender NON specific!)

"Everything we do is always together." –Lance(so your saying it’s true

"We love doing different things, like things we've never done together, so
we can experience together." -Lance (Lance and JC gettin kinky!)

"It's time for America to see us!" - Lance (and look away in shame)

"Ich Liebe Dich...Lance" -Justin (so are you saying your gay now?)

"I was dating Lance!" -Justin (about time you people came out  cuz I though
he was with JC)

"I'd want to be a woman." -JC (right and I want to go to England right now
but it ain’t
"I couldn't really do anything but hold on to my guys as tight as I could."
-JC (WHAT?!)

"We play and hug each other." -JC (I wonder who the other half of we is..)

"Joey kissed Lance!" -Chris (do I see a pattern that everyone loves the

"I think I'm in Lance's dream." -Chris (no, that would be JC)

"I think I'm JC." -Chris (you mean you have blue eyes a big nose and a thing
for Lance?  didn’t see that one comin’)

"I'm a baby-beanieaholic." -Lance (uh huh... and we're supposed to think he
is straight?)

"It's too thick!" -Lance (no comment..)

"I Love Lucy is my favorite television show." -Lance (gay.. it’s an awesome
show though :))

"My package is busting out!" -Lance (I soooooo don’t want to know)

"The worst feeling in the world is waking up in the morning." -Lance (...and
not having the man you love beside you)

"My sister said she had an entire conversation with me and I was talking in
my sleep!" -JC (k, here's the plan, anyone ever see JC sleeping, ask him if
he's with Lance)

"What do I like to do besides singing and dancin'? I like to sleep. And I
don't get to do my hobby very often, thank you!" -JC (that's the censored
version, the real answer is 'I like to sleep with Lance')

"The minute we heard him sing with us, it was like there are the five
pieces. It's like, it's like your hand, I mean, that's it." -JC (he fell in
love and wouldn’t let them send Lance back)

*NSYNC's Flaws: "J (Joey) has a hard time talking. Justin is grumpy in the
morning. Chris bites his nails. Lance, I can't really think of anything.
And I tend to procrastinate till the last minute to do anything." -JC
(AWWW!! Cant find anything wrong with Lance, he's perfect! It's love I tell
you, LOVE!)

"Keep your hands up Lance!" -JC (yeah boy, don’t be fondling too low in

"I'm not touching that one with a..."--Lance
"TEN FOOT POLE!"--JC and Lance(right… I ask what are you on and why
aren’t you sharing)

Talking About JC: "He's a very lonely guy". -Chris (uh huh... what he don't

[Some little girl asks if Justin has a girlfriend and Chris says] "Yeah
Justin’s got a girlfriend, His girlfriend is Lance." (NO NO NO! It's JC! Old
man goin’ senile...anyways that’s mean to the little girl)

[Lance To JC] "No you haven't changed, cuz you're a loser." (hey, join the

"Lance just wants someone to talk to" –Justin(don’t we all)

"I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I fell asleep on the plane and we landed and
everything and I didn't know it. Lance had to smack me on the back of
the head and go 'Dude, the plane is empty. You're the last one.' I said 'Oh
my goodness.'" -JC (can't you just picture this, Lance sitting next to JC on
the plane as he sleeps and he just sits there and watches him.. aww)

"I just like the letters, P-M-S... " -Lance (obviously he's gay, he hasn't
been with girls enough to fear those letters)

"I went through a small phase in high school when I was girl crazy." -Lance 
(that was before he realized he liked guys)

"Speaking of showers...what's the longest you've been without a shower? I
take a shower every morning and sometimes every night because I
can't stand it when I'm dirty. I like to be clean...Mr. Clean Mr. Clean.."
-Lance (the only guys I know that shower that much are gay)

"You don't have to talk about how good you are-let your actions do the
talking."--JC (if he ain’t talkin to Lance, he should be)

"When I get hooked on somebody, I get HOOKED on somebody."--Lance (and he is

"Lance would be doing Poofoo." -JC
"Let's not go there." -Lance (yes, let’s)

"Theme park nothing! You were Poofoo!" -JC

"Shnookums" -Lance (I dunno... he must have been talkin to JC)

"Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin? Here I am! Here I am!" -JC (and again
the world looks away in shame)

"Chris says I dance in the mirror and make funny faces at myself, I
don’t.....kinda" -JC (uh huh)

"JC's just cheesy." -Joey (I’m sure he's cheesy with lance all the time!)

"Well I have to have a shower and while I'm in there I sing. It's like a
full concert right there - it's Pavarotti!" -JC (does he sing in the shower
when he showers with Mr. Clean?)

"We're hormonal, but we're morally grounded." -JC (yes and Digital Getdown
wasn’t about sex)

"So what we're trying to say is that JC's a clepto!!!" -Justin (so am I the
point is?)

"I didn't touch nothin'!" -Lance (right……)

"Golly!" -JC (lol, he said golly...)

"Joey get off of Lance's lap" -Chris (I’m telling ya, Joey has a thing for
Lance, he needs to get it through his thick skull that he is taken!)

LMAO, Justin's own mother!
Justin's Mom Lynn: You'd make the perfect girl because you love to shop
Justin: mom, don't say that.(letting things out of the closet that should
have been gone years ago)

"The best days of my life most of them have been in this group." -Lance
(AKA: since the day he met JC)

"Let's take a look in these closets." -Chris (he's looking for Lance and JC)

"Lance is pretty sweet!" –Chris(you have a thing for Lance TOO?)
"Yeah!" -JC (and fruits come out)

"Lance has always got the schedule down pat. He is always on top of things."
-JC (hehe, dirty mind alert!)

"Man, you got your stuff all up in my bed bunk!" -JC (that's because Lance
is sleeping with you hun)

"There’s a lot of not sleeping in your bed..." -Joey (stop peeking in lance
and JC's bed!)

"Lance, with his hands all over the place." -Joey (well YEAH!)

"He's usually happy, when he's excited, he does this little dance when he
talks!" -JC talking about Lance (and I never want to see it)

"We call him our little blue flame, cause he can get a sparkle in anyone’s
eyes." – JC (please keep me away for him)

"Lance gets NONE!" – JC
"I get it ALL!"– Lance(no JC’s right you get none)

Q: Girlfriend?
JC: No!
Lance: Heck no! (needs to be rephrased to boyfriend?)

"Lets get it on..." -Lance (what on is what I want to know…well maybe not)

"What can I say? I'm a love machine.. well.. yeah no maybe I'm not." -Lance
(LMAO, no your not)

"We don't really have time for fantasies..." -JC (loser, everyone has
fantasies, he just didn't want to say his cuz all his fantasies involve

"I got chills, they're multiplyin'........oh my gosh this is my favorite
movie." Lance (can we not dis one of my favorite movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Who's your daddy?!?!?!?!?!!!!" (while jumping on Lance) -Chris (JC is you
pervy old man..)

"I still have those." [comment on his Duke of Hazard pajamas] -Lance (I knew
it!!! love those...)

(Lance) "Is it fun?" (Chris) "IT is fun Lance!" (just what is fun?)

(Interviewer) "You guys are like family..." [JC starts a sentence and Justin
finishes it.] (Chris) "They're married." (can I see the rings please)

"l like down-home, good girls, ones with good morals. I like the girl who
can be herself." -JC (*cough*Lance*cough*)

"I like girls that are true to themselves I like um, good girls. I like the
innocent-type girls." -Lance (dam, there goes my chance… like I had any)

"If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy would be: A huge bed with
a pillow and pajamas." -JC (I've never heard an answer like that
before...leave it up to JC! ...he was thinking about Lance too)

"I think people need to be more accepting of those who look different than
them...we judge a book on its cover too much...and so often we are
wrong...a person is really about what's inside." -JC (I just think this is a
good quote, and I think he'd be a good gay activist.)

(fav. sexual turn-on) "Stomach." -Lance (yeah Lance, we like the same thing
in guys...)

(Talking about their summer loves)
"JC had one but the guy went off and joined the army." Chris
"Whatever! I didn't know it was a guy! " JC(again the world turns away in

"Wow my groin hurts" JC (do we want to know how that happened)

If you had to compare your kissing style to an animal, which would it
"I'd be a Boa Constrictor - long, big and exotic" Lance(umm… can we say
"I'd say a fish - very open and wet. That's a good choice as there are
kissing fish." JC(you would know you kiss a Bass every night)

"I'm working on my hip-hop album now. It will be out in stores 2001. It's
called 'Ghetto Fabulous. 'Lance has got the beat, yo." -Lance (that will be
the day I die)

"He's never off man." -JC on Lance(off what may I ask)

"SLEEP: It does a body good." - JC (yes and how much do you get)

"Sleeping with large quantities of stuffed animals relieves stress caused by
annoying roommates...AND works as a pillow!" - JC (awwww….)

"WHOA, JC ... whoa." –Lance(exactly my thoughts)

"JC, to see how it feels to be able to sing like that." -Lance (awwwww!!)

JC: Yeah, it was really bad when Lance got sick in the middle of our tour
and we had to do four shows without him. We all missed him so much. (you
mean YOU missed him so much)

JC: Me naked!
LANCE: Yeah, I'd agree-JC naked!
JC: When I see myself naked in the mirror I get so freaked out that I do a
little dance! Ha ha ha! (thing’s C doesn’t want to know)

Would you ever have a one-night stand?
JC: No, because to me a relationship is something very special, and any
relationship I get into I’d have to be best friends with the person first. 
And you can't do that to a best friend-it wrecks the trust you have. Nah,
that's ones a definitely no.

At what age do you think you'll get married?
Lance: I don't think I'll ever get married because I have a real problem
trusting people- I'm very clingy. I'm a better friend than a boyfriend. (no,
it's cuz he's gay. he's said he's a great boyfriend and he puts everything
he has into it.. yet he's a better friend than a boyfriend? uh huh...)

What's your biggest fear?
Lance: I'm terrified of needles! When we went to Africa we all had to have
shots and I'm telling you, I was messed up for a long time after that!
(did they confuse the quote or is JC rubbing off on Lance? Weird)

Lance: JC is the very serious one, and he likes to sleep a lot. He got a new
keyboard, and he plays it 24 hours!
JC: That doesn't have anything to do with my personality.
Lance: It is your personality now! Your keyboard has taken over! It is you!
(you'd think that they'd learn not to have lover's quarrels during 
interviewsso cute, JC's keyboard is taking all the attention away from

(Once again, JC tends to be rubbing off on Lance)
Favorite TV shows:
JC: Friends
Lance: Friends

Favorite actor or actress:
JC: Harrison Ford.
Lance: Lucille Ball and Harrison Ford

Lance is Mr. Hollywood - he likes to hang out on the Tinseltown scene with
Hollywood people and go to as many swank parties as he can. He walks
with a real laid-back style, and when he parties he always stays chilled.
He'll walk into a club and just saunter up to the VIP area to chill out and
soak up the atmosphere. Whereas me and Justin are on the dance floor, but
Lance, oh no! He's pretty serious I guess... and quite shy until you get
to know him. Ever since we got together, he's the one who sits back and
watches when the rest of us are going crazy. It's not 'cause he's mature
either, he just doesn't join in. But he loves stupid little pranks, like
putting tags on your back when you don't know - real dumb things! Ha ha! He
knows we'll get him back anyways. He reported me to AOL (massive Internet
company) as a laugh so I subscribed Lance to loads of rude Internet
sites - that got him back, big time! Mmmm... what else can I tell you? Lance
does this one thing which is kinda funny though. He goes, 'Heyyyy!' a
lot! My first impression of Lance was that he was a nerd! We already had the
group and we were established before he came in as the bass - so I
think even now he doesn't like to get that involved. It's not horrible,
that's just what he likes. Saying that though, Lance is very friendly. He's
type of guy everyone can talk to - even though he can be a bit on the quirky
side! (This is mostly here for a reference tool. Chris pretty much talks
about his overall personality. That was the question right? Although the
'hollywood' thing seems a bit fruity to me:))

JC has two very different sides: on one he's like a coiled spring, but the
other half he sleeps the whole time. He doesn't go out much, but when he
does he really goes for it. He's not embarrassed about being the one who
goes out the least, either. JC has a big sense of humour, but first he has
to be tired 'cause that's when he gets giddy. Then he'll often laugh for
reason whatsoever, or he'll do something really stupid and laugh for hours
and hours. Once we were in an airport in Spain and they lost our luggage so
we were sitting in baggage claim for about two hours eating sweets.
But JC went crazy and just started running around and around in circles
around this big hall, laughing madly! Mmm... what else?... JC's a really
good people person - people always like him 'cause he's gentle. The ladies
like him 'cause he's quite smooth. You never know who JC's hitting on
'cause he's so cool about it. The one annoying thing about JC is when he's
eating gum, he really smacks it around in his mouth... oh, oh and he
eats faster than anyone. The other day in McDonald's I got a fries and a
burger. I started eating it 'cause I was the first one to get my food and JC
got his last, but JC got through his two Big Macs before I even finished my
fries! It's weird 'cause he's so skinny and he eats loads! Ooooh... and
another thing that bugs us is that he always says, 'Eh?' with a Canadian
accent 'cause he lives with two Canadians. He goes, 'So you wanna party,
eh?'. Aargh! (can we say better then ’just friends’…and were did the
Canadians come in?)