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The Story Behind The Mystery
By: Libbi and Lee

This story is about a mystery that happened among the tour bus of Nsync. Joey is watching cartoons (Superman, of course), J.C. is asleep, Justin is looking for his beeper and do-rags, and Chris and Lance are…um…uh-oh. Well, if we find Chris, we find Lance, but that doesn’t matter. Let’s see what’s going on…

           Joey slowly turned off the TV. He was greatly saddened that his favorite TV show, Superman, was over. He bumped into J.C., who just woke up. “Must you always wear that red cape around?” J.C. mumbled. Joey glared at him, then bumped into someone. It was Justin. He was red. Red with anger. Or so they found out.

“Where is it?!” Justin yelled.

Joey, frightened, asked, “Where is what?”

“You should know! You prob’ly da one that stole it!”

“I am not!” Joey protested.

“It couldn’t have been me- I was asleep the whole time.” Said J.C.

“But hows do I knows that fo’ shore? Huh? Huh?” snapped Justin.

“Well…um…I know! Go to my bed. There is a fresh spot of drool on my pillow from when I was asleep.” J.C. protested.

“Uh…I ain’t gotta do dat. I dunno your ‘scuse yet, Joey!” Justin said.

Suddenly Joey started moving his head from side to side, rubbing his ears against his shoulders.

“What’s he doing?” asked J.C.

“It’s a signal!” Justin said, accusingly.

“What are you doing?!” J.C. repeated.

“My ears are itchy, but I’m not sticking my fingers in there.” Joey answered matter-of-factly.

“That’s it, he’s weird…” said J.C., “I’ll be going now.”

“Oh ain’t you won’t be goin’ nowhere!” Justin yelled.

JC and Joey stared blankly at him. “What?” they finally said.

“I said, you ain’t you won’t be goin’ nowhere!” Justin repeated.

“Justin, when did you learn to talk like that?” asked JC.

“In da ghetto! Where I grew up!” Justin answered.

“You didn’t grow up in the ghetto, you’re from Tennessee!” JC said.

“You…No…I….No…You’re wrong, I’m right!” Justin yelled, and then ran off crying to his room.

“What happened to the interrogation?” JC wondered.

"What's an interrogation?" asked Joey.

"You're hopeless..." muttered JC as he walked off the bus.