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The Plane Ride
Lee's dream (or could it be a nightmare?)

Libbi walked onto the plane and sat in a middle seat on the side of the plane. Just then she heard someone fighting and saw Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter walking down the aisle. Nick was walking in front of Justin and kept kicking his shins.

Justin: Ow!! (Holding his shins as he walks)

When they got to Libbi’s seat Justin slid in to the window seat and Nick sat in the aisle seat. Libbi was in between the two. All of a sudden they began to fight again. After a while they stopped and Justin was looking out the window and Nick was looking down the aisle when Nick finally noticed that Libbi was there.

Nick: Hi

Libbi: Hi

Justin turned to see whom he was talking to.

Justin: Hi

Libbi: Hi

Then the stewardess came and asked them if they wanted peanuts.

Justin: Yea (grabbed the peanuts)

Nick: yes

Stewardess gives them each a glass of water. At the same time Justin and Nick go to pour water on each others heads but end up dumping it on poor Libbi.

Nick and Justin start to fight again.

Nick: Why did you pour water on her head?

Justin: I did? You did to!!

Nick: Because you knocked into me!

Justin: You bumped me!

Then Nick ripped off Justins bandana, revealing Justins 4 ft. hi fro.

Justin: What’d you do that for?

Nick starts laughing.

Justin just looks out the window and Libbi and Nick start talking.

After a while Justin got jealous.

Justin (interrupting): So Libbi, how old are you?

Libbi: Oh I’m-

Nick: Where are you from?

Libbi: I’m from-


Libbi: Ummm…

Just then the stewardess returned.

Stewardess: would you like any more water?

Libbi jumped out of her seat and ran behind the curtain separating the sections of the plane.

Justin and Nick stared after her in wonderment.

After they finished their water Libbi came back.

Nick (sadly): Why did you go away?

Justin: She didn’t want you to pour water on her again!

Nick: Ahem? You’re the genius who poured it on her!

Justin: Nuh uh!!

Nick: Uh huh!

The stewardess came back and refilled Nicks cup. Libbi gets up just as Nick dumps the water onto Justin’s fro.

Nick: It’s a good thing I’m 6’2”!

Justin: MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!

Justins hair is now down to his butt.

Stewardess comes back and offers chips.

Justin takes his and tries to dump it on Nick. Instead, it gets all over poor Libbi.

Nick: What are you doing?!

Justin: sorry

Libbi: Erg…

A little while later…

Nick: How come you were at Britney’s house?

Justin: Who’s Britney?

Nick: You know, I called Britney Spears and you picked up. I was Kid Nicky.


Justin attacks Nick.

BSB fans who were sitting in front of them, and Nsync fans who were sitting behind them, crowd around and start cheering.

Justin turned around and dumped the water on the NSync fans. The BSB fans sitting in front of them gave them BSB shirts and convert them to BSB fans. All the fans attack Justin.

The stewardess, now frustrated, jumps out of the plane.

Nick: Look what you made her do!