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A New Lance
By: Lee

Justin, Joey, JC, and Chris are all sitting around their tourbus and talking. Lance comes running in.

"Hey guys!"

They stop, look at him, and then continue talking.

Lance, angered, says "You better listen to me seeing how I'm everyones favorite member."

Justin, Joey, JC, and Chris look at eachother and start laughing.

"How many signs last night actually said 'I <3 Lance'? NONE!" said JC.

"What makes you think that people like YOU?" asked Justin, combing his fro with his fro pick. "You ain't funny, or good lookin..."

"And you ARE?" Lance refutes.

Everyone looks at him in shock. COULD THIS BE? LANCE'S FIRST COMEBACK? AND IT MADE SENSE??

Justin, Joey, JC, and Chris continue looking at Lance in astonishment. Their jaws and eyes were wide open.

"Figured you'd be shocked" said Lance as he left, laughing to himself.

Later that day...

Justin is playing basketball with a paper ball. He is running up to the garbage can.

"He dribbles down the court, he shoots, he... misses... But picks up the ball and scores!"

He spots something neon-pink in the garbage can. It looked familiar. He pulled it out and it was... Lance's makeup bag! Full of his makeup! Justin, frightened, quickly found JC, Joey, and Chris.

"Chris, did your aliens abduct  the real Lance and send this one down?" asked Joey.

"How could you guys think that?!" Chris yelled. His eyes were as wide as Steve Tyler's mouth. He ran to his room and slammed the door.

"I know how to test Lance." said Joey.

Lance enters the room.

"Lance, sing your part in any song." asked Joey.

Lance sang, but he didn't sound like Lance. He sounded like... NICK CARTER! Justin, Joey, and JC screamed as they ran off the bus.

"What do we do? WHAT DO WE DO?" screamed JC.

"Erm, look! It's Nick's house!" said Joey. He quickly ran back in the bus and dragged out "Lance".

Still screaming, they dragged "Lance" up to Nick's house and rang the doorbell. Nick answered the door with a very confused look on his face.

"Why are you screaming? Wait, why are you at my house?" he asked.

"Sing Lance!" they yelled. He sang. Nick screamed and ran back into the house, hiding under a couch.

Aaron walked into the room and asked "Why are you screaming?". They made Lance sing again, but Aaron didn't scream. He laughed. And laughed. He was doubled over on the floor laughing. Everyone else stopped screaming. Nick crawled out from under the couch and wacked him on the head, but Aaron just started laughing even harder.