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We've got hatemail and messages! Our comments are in green:
And we don't care if the people who sent us these read this, cause if they hate this site so much why would they waste the time to come back?

Our very first hatemail message *sniffling* we're so happy:

ok suggestion make better jokes about nsync i've seen better humor sites
Really? We've gotten TONS of lovemails and g-book messages saying we are drop dead hilarious...

Just to let you no, I'm in love w/ *Nsync and BSB are fags, n I just want to let you no that this is a very very cool web site.  They n we don't get affended by stupid pathetic idiots who have no idea what they're talkin about.  Plus, some of the comments you made were pretty lame.  So, if you like Bsb, seeing how they're fags, so are you.  Get a life n stop eating girls.  Lata, bye
Just to let you know, we don't care what you think about BSB cause we seriously don't give a crap. And we would really appreciate it if you would have told us which comments in particular were "lame". Oh yeah, and don't contradict yourself by saying this is a "very very cool web site" and then go and call us "stupid pathetic idiots".

pull your head out of your d*** ass wipesasdfgn tredmkozxvl gmklzbv qwshhsadd1sdaccsadvcefvc
Okay, this was a gbook entry, and they left the name ass wips... Anybody who leaves that kind of name must have some sort of a problem... and they have to learn how to type if they want to get their message across :)

motherf***ers assholes suck my big harry b***s you all redy f***t your self.mother*******.youfagets,fagets,fagets,fagets.come over here mother f***ers.
Okay, they obviously weren't too pleased...

I'm reporting your site to Tripod. I've shut down many anti sites (not just N Sync, but others as well). They are wrong, rude and disrespectful.
oOo, we're scared now. First of all tripod has no right shutting us down, there's a little thing called freedom of speech, and if they do, we'll be back in no time flat :) And this site is not wrong, maybe a little disrespectful, but if you can't handle other people's opinions then DON'T COME IN.