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Here is the list of items that NSync sell to make money...

NSync #1 Fan Barbie - ??? Okay I say the commercial for this and I could not believe my eyes. The first thing I uttered was "what the hell?" 
NSync Dolls
Nsync Sunglasses - sunglasses with their faces on them. I will laugh when I see some fan wearing them and walking right into a lightpost.
NSync Puppets (or marionettes, whatever they're called)
NSync Lip Balm - Saw it at a gift shop, who would want lip balm with their faces on them?
NSync Shoes - yes shoes, white shoes that say NSync and have stars and crap on them
NSync Lolly Pops
Nsync Cereal
- I saw it at Target, I literally walked past it, stopped, backed up, and was like "What the hell?"